Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary with the Word “Christmas”

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Expand Your Chinese Vocabulary with the Word “Christmas” More and more people are learning Chinese, and they ask the same question: “what is the best way to learn Chinese?” The answer is go look for some topics that are interesting and relevant to you. The big holiday is coming so how about learning some vocabulary about Christmas?

In this lesson, you will expand your vocabulary with the word “Christmas”. The word “Christmas” has two characters and is translated to 圣誕 [shèng dàn], which means “Christmas”.

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Understanding Chinese Radicals

English Meaning Pinyin Chinese Character
Santa Claus shèng dàn lǎo rén 圣诞老人
Christmas tree shèng dàn shù 圣诞树
Christmas gift shèng dàn lǐ wù 圣诞礼物
Christmas card shèng dàn kǎ 圣诞卡
Christmas dinner shèngdàn dà cān 圣诞大餐