How to Say the Pronouns “We” and “Us” in Mandarin Chinese

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The pronouns We & Us
What are pronouns? Pronouns are used to replace objects. There are different types of pronouns referring to people and things. More, there are 5 personal subject pronouns referring to singular subjects and another 5 for plural subjects.

We and Us
In Chinese, the pronouns “we” and “us” share the same character and pronunciation – 我们 [ wǒ men ]. This pronunciation is in a plural form. It can used at the beginning of a sentence to replace a plural subject, or it can be used in the middle or end of a sentence to replace a plural object. Notice that in the northern part of China, 咱们 [ zán men ] is commonly used to replace 我们 [ wǒ men ]. They both mean the same thing and they both are correct.

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English Meaning Pinyin Chinese Characters
we/us wǒ men 我们
we/us zán men 咱们