Learn How to Read Mandarin Chinese

Learning how to read Chinese, check out this video and learn it in 5 minutes. 
EnglishAre you free tonight?Yes!How about dining out together?Good idea!
Traditional Chinese今天晚上有空嗎?有!那我們一起吃晚飯好嗎?好主意!
Simplified Chinese今天晚上有空吗?有!那我们一起吃晚饭好吗?好主意!
Pinyinjīn tiān wǎn shàng yǒu kòng mayǒunà yī qǐ chī wǎn fàn hǎo mahǎo zhǔ yì
Did you know that rice is the main meal for many Chinese people? They have rice for lunch and dinner, except breakfast. Chinese people love to have rice so much and in fact even when they invite their friends to eat out, they say 去吃饭好吗?[qù chī fàn hǎo ma], literally means “go eat rice?”. What do you think? Try to use this phrase to invite your friend to eat out.