How To Say Right & Wrong in Chinese

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Learn how to say “Right” and “Wrong” in Mandarin Chinese
对不对 [duì bù duì] is a phrase that is made up of two verbs 对 [duì] and 对[duì]. 对 means “yes” and 不对 means “no yes”. The phrase is always placed at the end of a sentence looks like this “she is wrong, 对不对?”. In Chinese, one way to ask for a agreement is to use this kind of verb phrase and give your listeners choose between alternatives. In this case, if you chose “right”, say 对 [duì] and if you chose “wrong”, say 不对 [bù duì].

Stay with us for more lessons and soon you will be able to make a sentence with 对不对 [duì bù duì].

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Right, Wrong, and Related Phrases

English Meaning Pinyin Chinese Characters
Right or Not Right duì bù duì 对不对