Learn How to Write Merry Christmas in Chinese

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Learn How to Write Merry Christmas in Chinese
Christmas is a big holiday in Western culture. Although Chinese people do not have the tradition of celebrating Christmas, it doesn’t mean they ignore this wonderful holiday. In fact, many Chinese people like to celebrate on Christmas, especially the younger generations. They buy Christmas gifts and they write Christmas cards giving blessings to each other. In today’s lesson, you will learn how to write “Merry Christmas” in Simplified Chinese.

There are two types of Chinese characters: traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. To find out how these two types of Chinese are used in different countries, watch the video “Introduction to Chinese Language”.

The greeting phrase “Merry Christmas” is written 圣诞节快乐 in Simplified Chinese. I know it may look a bit overwhelming for you but don’t worry, I will walk you through each character in the video. The contents of the video include:

  1. How to read “Merry Christmas” in Chinese?
  2. How many strokes count for each character?
  3. What is a radical?
  4. What are the basic writing rules in Chinese?

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Understanding Chinese Radicals

Meaning of Radical
Shèng Earth
dàn Speed
jié Grass
kuài Heart
丿 No meaning