Real World Chinese – Subway Signs

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Real World Chinese: Subway Signs

Hi everyone, welcome to LearnHowToChinese’s Real World Chinese series. We want to help you learn useful Chinese sayings that people use daily. Starting soon, we’ll be helping travelers to China learn “real world Chinese” that they can use during their trip or help them navigate various activities while in China.

Today, we take you to a subway station, where there are many signs for people traveling in or to China. For foreigners traveling to China, learning how to read Chinese signs can make your trip more fun and less confusing. The signs often contain Chinese characters and an English translation (or an image that depicts what the sign is trying to tell you). We thought it would be helpful to introduce these signs to you but also to teach you Chinese through the same process.

When you travel to big cities in China such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Guangzhou, you are very likely to use the subway. The subway systems in China are quite new and some of them were built less than 10 years ago.

There are three main types of signs in the subway; signs for safety, direction and courtesy. We will look at 3 signs today, 2 for safety and 1 for direction. You can watch the video by clicking on the picture above or the embedded video player below. We hope you enjoy our Real World Chinese series as we’ll be working hard to bring you more interesting videos over the coming months. Happy learning!

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Subway Related Terms

English Meaning Pinyin Chinese Characters
subway dì tiě 地铁
signs zhǐ shì pái 指示牌
please qǐng
when, ~”until” (preposition)
yellow line huáng xiàn 黄线
outside wài
line up pái duì 排队
waiting for a car to arrive hòu chē 侯车
prohibit jìn zhí 禁止
lean against yǐ kào 倚靠
three sān
subway car chē xiāng 车厢