How to Say Yes & No in Chinese

pronunciation  yes & no
Definition Yes or No
Traditional Chinese 是不是
Simplified Chinese 是不是
Pinyin shì bú shì
What is the meaning of 是不是[shì bù shì]?

是不是[shì bú shì] is a phrase that used to ask a yes or no question. In English, people often add “right?” to ask a listener if they agree with them. It’s the same in the Chinese language. People often place [shì bú shì] after their expressions to get an agreement from their listeners. The sentence structure looks like this: “ you were late today, 是不是?” The questions gives the listener two alternatives “yes” or “no yes”. if the answer is “yes”, say 是[shì] and if the answer is “no”, say 不是[bú  shì].

Good job! Stay with us for more lessons and soon you will be able to make a sentence with 是不是[shì bú shì].