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Real World Chinese #3: Ordering beverages on the plane

Hi everyone, welcome back to learn how to Chinese! Last week we learned a lot of vocabulary and sentences related to traveling on an airplane. This week, we will continue to learn additional Chinese that will make your trip to China more fun and meaningful. Our contents are all based on real life situations. For example, you will learn simple Chinese to start a conversation with a passenger sits next to you. More, you will learn beverage vocabulary to help you order your own drink on the plane or in other places.

Are you Planning on Traveling to China?

As you may already known that China has 1.3 billion population. The majority of people take transportation for a short distance such as taking a bus to work and a long distance such as taking a train across province. There’s a big chance you need to use basic Chinese on a long distance trip. In this video, I will show you how to interact with people on the plane including chatting with the passenger sitting next to you and ordering your own drinks. Watch the video now and leave us a comment.

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Airport Related Terms

English Meaning Pinyin Chinese Characters
welcome! huān yíng 欢迎!
are you going to China for fun? zuò gong chē 你去北京玩吗?
yes shì
no bù shì 不是
I’m going to China for fun wǒ qù běi jīng wán 我去北京玩。
I’m going to China to visit my friend wǒ qù běi jīng jiàn péng yǒu 我去北京見朋友。
I’m going to China for business wǒ qù běi jīng jiàn gōng zuò 我去北京玩工作。
excuse me! bù hǎo yì si 不好意思!
chicken jī ròu 鸡肉
meat ròu
cooked rice mǐ fàn 米饭
noodles miàn tiáo 面条
porridge zhōu