How to Say “Learn” in Chinese

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Learn how to say the verb “Learn” in Mandarin Chinese
The verb “learn” is an action verb and is pronounced 学 [xué]. The pinyin is made up of the initial [x], the final [ue] and is pronounced with the 2nd tone. While 学 [xué] means to gain new knowledge , the verb 学 [xué] by itself doesn’t really capture the meaning of learning through constant practicing. Thus, Chinese people sometime use the verb phrase (also known two-word verbs) 学习 [xué xí] to replace the verb 学 [Xué]. Watch our YouTube video to learn more.

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Using the Word “Learn”

English Meaning Pinyin Chinese Characters
Learning xué
Learning & Practicing (“Studying”) xué xí 学习
I would like to learn Chinese. wǒ xiǎng xué zhōng wén 我想学中文
Learning Chinese is fun. xué xí zhōng wén hěn yǒu qù 学习中文很有趣